Yonex shop

In cooperation with my father, who trains in Pilsen, we have become authorized dealers of the YONEX brand for the Pilsen region. It follows that we offer a complete range of this brand.

Below is a link to the e-shop of the distributor in the Czech Republic, where the final prices are listed. Send me a link to the goods that interested you and I will immediately inform you of the personal price for you.

I personally play with the Yonex Ezone 98 racket, which I highly recommend to all more advanced players, but also for beginners, but with a bigger head!

Start playing with the YONEX racket and your game will undoubtedly improve.


Products bellow are in stock and available in Pilsen:

Yonex RD7 Power Graphite, 320g, G2, strung racket – 1300,- Kč (unstrung 1000,- Kč) – 2 units
Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 Alpha, 270g, G2, strung racket – 2300,- Kč (unstrung 2000,- Kč) – 2 units
Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 Alpha, 270g, G3, strung racket – 2300,- Kč (unstrung 2000,- Kč) – 1 unit
Yonex Ezone Ace, 260g, G1, strung racket- 2500,- Kč (restring recommended +300,- Kč) – 1 unit

Yonex Bag 8929 black – yellow for 9 racket – 2400,- Kč – 1 unit
Yonex Bag 92029 blue – white for 9 racket – 2800,- Kč – 2 units
Yonex Bag 920212 blue – white for 12 racket – 3800,- Kč – 1 unit

Technifibre T-Rebound Tempo Speed, 275g, G0, strung racket – 800,- Kč – 1 unit
Head Bag Core 9R Supercombi – red for 9 racket – 900,- Kč – 2 units
Shoe bag – black – 300,- Kč – 3 units

For more information contact me via email or phone, see more in the contact link.