Do you want to play tennis in Pilsen or Prague? Correctly, with a licensed trainer and a person who lives for tennis? So, you are in the right place!


David Trojacek, born in 1998, student at VŠE in Prague, on faculty of informatics and statistics, subject of study is applied informatics. I was playing Czech national handball for a long period of time in Pilsen-Ujezd but after 11 years I have passed to tennis.

Champion of Czech Republic in Czech national handball in categories: older pupils, junior and men.

I am the owner of tennis license of The Czech Tennis Association and I have a lot of experience in training from children to adults and I have many experiences in handball training too. I speak Spanish (B2), English (B1/B2) and Czech language (native speaker).


Why training with me?

I am young trainer with a lot of experiences when it comes to training kids and adults. I can teach you all the rules, all the correct tennis shots, but most importantly, I can teach you the correct technique.

If you are self-conscious about your abilities in tennis, I am the right guy for you. I am very patient, and I will give you all the attention you desire.

My trainings are based on double-faced communication to play tennis like your hobby, So, I will always consult the training with you to find out what is the best for you! I want to satisfy your requirements!

Start playing tennis with me! 🙂


Individual training (1 player):

  • 400,- CZK/hour (1 player and trainer, without court rental); in Prague 500,- CZK/hour

Group training (2-4 players):

  • 250,- CZK/hour per person (2 players and trainer, without court rental) – in total 5OO,- CZK/hour; in Prague 600,- CZK/hour
  • 200,- CZK/hour per person (3 players and trainer, without court rental) – in total 600,- CZK/hour; in Prague 700,- CZK/hour
  • 150,- CZK/hour per person (4 players and trainer, without court rental) – in total 600,- CZK/hour, in Prague 700,- CZK/hour

Sparring partner:

  • 200,- CZK / hour (singles, doubles, without explication, court rental pays clients)

Rental rates of court per hour from April to October:

  • 1OO-250,- CZK / hour, depend on place– pay client

Rental rates of court in hall per hour from October do April:

  • 200-400,- CZK / hour, depend on place and time – pay client


David Trojacek
+420 733 128 918

I prefer contact by email, if you are interest in tennis training, don´t be afraid and complete a questionnaire and I will reply you as soon as possible:

Tennis questionnaire